Story About the Future of Pollution Published

I’m part of a group of authors from around the world participating in an anthology of eco-fiction called 2047: Short Stories from Our Common Future — stories written to create awareness about pollution, excessive resource use, and climate change.  It is available now at Amazon in both Kindle and print editions:  My story is called “Driftplastic” and it is about the state of pollution in the future.


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Won 3rd Place in Story Contest

I recently found out that I won 3rd Place in the Ligonier Valley Writers Flash Fiction Contest.  The theme was “Haunted Objects” and my story was called “Pink Flamingoes.”  Check out their website


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Another Story, a Planetary Space Adventure

I have another new story published in an anthology this time.  It’s a planetary space adventure about communication that appears in Visions VII: Universe available from Amazon in Kindle or Paperback.  It’s called “When the Hammerheads Sing.”  (Sorry, not free to read online this time.)

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Futuristic War Story Published

I have another new story published online this month in one of my favorite online science fiction & fantasy magazines, Aurora Wolf. They specialize in stories with positive endings which I think is great. My story, “Limb From Limb,” is a story of war in the future, but it does have a positive ending.


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Two Late-Breaking News Items

On this day, June 1, 2017, I have two late-breaking news items.

  1. New story published in digital science fantasy magazine SciFan called “Ladies in Flight” about Victorian era ladies with mechanical wings who band together to track down a beast stalking the streets of London.
  2. Bigger news:  I have started my semi-retirement today, which means I may have more time to write.  Maybe.  Depends what ends up filling all that free time.
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Third Story Published (so far) 2017

And I’ve had yet another story published this year.  It’s a space adventure (great illustration) in online magazine Aurora Wolf on March 1, 2017, called “Into the Soft Fields.” That’s one a month so far this year. If I can just keep up the pace…



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Happy New Year

Great way to start a new year:  I have a new story published in the premier issue of digital magazine SciFan Magazine, a magazine devoted to science fantasy stories (a little science fiction with a little fantasy).  My story is a wild and fun steampunk tale called “In the Hot Mists.”  I hope all of you have a great new year in 2017!


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Time Travel story published

This just in!  My time travel story, “The Time Traveler’s Accountant,” has just been published in the anthology Time Travel Tales.  Available in both Kindle and paperback versions, it contains a mix of some classic stories and some new stories (like mine).

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And a story in September, too

Well, September is starting out pretty good.  I have a new story up at Aurora Wolf called “Card Houses.”  Hope you like it.

Still one more story coming out later this year.  This one is a time travel story that will be published in a Time Travel themed anthology.  The anthology will have a mix of new and previously published stories.  No information on the publication date yet.

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Two New Stories Published in August

I’m happy to announce I had two new stories published in August:  “How to Wear Ultra-Cool Sunglasses” in Liquid Imagination and “A New World Order” in Mythaxis.  Check the links on my About page.  Both have really cool illustrations.  Read and enjoy!

Also two more stories will be coming out later this year.  Details forthcoming.

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