Another New Story Out

I have another new story out this month.  It’s called “About a Man and a Robot”– which, as you probably guessed, is about a man and a robot.  It’s available for free on the online magazine Aurora Wolf,  I hope you like it.

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A Story from Last Year Made Recommended Reading List

A story of mine published in 2019 made the popular Tangent Online recommended reading list:  “Behind the Purple Haze”, published in Third Flatiron’s Hidden Histories anthology.  Pretty cool.

Tangent Online 2019 Recommended Reading List


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Two Stories Out During the Pandemic

One thing I’m doing during the corona virus lockdown is writing.  I just had two very short stories published online this month.  One is a bittersweet, far future tale about memory called “His Turn to Remember” published in Mythaxis and the other is a humorous fantasy called “The Shelf Life of an Elf” published in Kraxon Magazine.

Also I am officially fully retired as of Feb. 1, 2020.  More time to write?  Hopefully.  However, my time still tends to get filled up.

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Two new stories out this month

After a long dry spell with no published stories since April, 2019, I have two new short stories out in October. The first was published online by Tell-Tale Press. “The Seductive Flask of Mr. Reynolds” is an alternate history fantasy tale.

My second story published this month is in a new magazine called Red Planet Magazine, available in digital or print formats. It’s a science fiction story called “A Million Points of Light.”


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Great Review of Hidden Histories Anthology

A great review of the Hidden Histories Anthology, which published my story “Behind the Purple Haze,” has just been posted at Tangent Online.–other-reviewsmenu-263/anthologies-reviewsmenu-107/4170-hidden-histories-edited-by-juliana-rew?fbclid=IwAR1NXwuiP6_sS3_L87bmZVSCbbMK5SIYuChmilQZG1EP1pFaZibPL1u085w


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Hidden Histories Anthology is Out Now

The anthology Hidden Histories is out now with my story “Behind the Purple Haze.”  Check out the cool cover.


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Environmental “Monster” Story!!!

I have another new story just published online at Aurora Wolf. It’s sort of a “monster” story that also deals with environmental issues. You can find it here:

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Some Links Updated; Some Online Magazines Defunct

I’ve updated some of the links on my Bibliography page.  Some of my stories are no longer available because the website or online magazine went under.  These are noted as “Defunct.”  Also, my 3rd Place winning story, “Pink Flamingoes”, from the 2017 Ligonier Valley Writers Flash Fiction Contest has finally been placed on their website.  You can find it here:

By the way, I’m looking into possibly publishing some of my stories that are no longer available with a new collection of stories.  More about that later.

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New “Secret History” Story

I’m excited to announce I have a new short story coming out on April 15 in an anthology of stories called Hidden Histories. The stories explore the themes of alternate history, secret history, conspiracy theory, mythology, and future history. What’s even more exciting is that my story, “Behind the Purple Haze”, was selected to be the cover story! It’s available for pre-order now on Amazon:

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An SF Adventure Story Published

I’ve just had a science fiction adventure story published called “Where the Tunnels End” in an anthology called Jouth: An Anthology Vol. 1.  (No, I don’t know what “jouth” means.)  It’s available on Amazon here.  Also a promotional blog about the anthology by one of the other authors is here.

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