John A. Frochio lives among the rolling hills of Western Pennsylvania.  As of Feb. 1, 2020, he has officially retired from a career developing and supporting computer automation systems for steel mills. He has been a science fiction & fantasy fan for as long as he can remember and has loved writing for almost as long.  He is also humbled to say he is a Christian.  He is happily married to Connie.  His daughter Toni is a flight attendant.  They have bravely put up with his strange ways for many years.



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Contents: The Gracefulness Writ on Her Life, Tailor Made, Theory of a Big Bang, Meet the Driven Twins, The Dropped Man, Under a Heart-Shaped Moon, Adrift in the Bubble Parade, Hands of a Craftsman (co-authors Connie and Toni Frochio), The Tailor of Worcester, www.

2007 and Older

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